“Adventures of Ty” Interview at Best-Webcomics.com! (3/29/2016) - Run, don’t walk, to check out our interview at Best-Webcomics.com!  A great site dedicated to the promotion of webcomics!
Oscar Week 2016 (2/21/2016) - Ty has fun with some Oscar nominated movies!  There will be a new comic every day this week.
“Jurassic World” Is Upon Us! (6/7/2015) - You can imagine that Ty is pretty excited that “Jurassic World” is coming out on Friday!  To celebrate, we will update Monday, Wednesday, and Friday this week with “Jurassic World” themed strips.
Background on “Don’t Mess With Mother Nature” (3/30/2015) - Just thought I would jot a few notes on the strip “Don’t Mess With Mother Nature”.  Initially, I drew the strip like this: After consulting with my wife and editor, we decided that putting Ty into a rain slicker for[…]↓ Read the rest of this entry...