Apr 16Table Manners
Apr 9Can’t Stop The Feeding!
Apr 9That’s A Mouthful
Apr 1Guess Who’s Not Coming To Dinner?
Mar 25Low Carb
Mar 17Retriever Mania
Mar 11Sufficient Motivation
Feb 25Co-Opted
Feb 18Skeletal Remains
Feb 11Slope Stylin’
Feb 5Super Letdown
Feb 5Super Delay
Jan 27Super Bullseye
Jan 21Beef with Roast
Jan 14Playoff Fever
Jan 7CDC Ty


Dec 31Happy 2018!!!
Dec 25Squirmy Christmas!!!
Dec 18Chilly Reception
Dec 10Snow Job
Dec 4Let It Snow!
Nov 26Eat Your Heart Out, Sam Jackson!
Nov 19Eggs Benedict Arnold
Nov 12It’s All About the “U”!!!
Nov 7Dad’s Little Helper
Oct 29Concrete Theory
Oct 22It’s Called Borscht!
Oct 15Telling It Like It Is
Oct 9Rivalry Week
Oct 1FOSS Blues
Sep 25Beatle This!
Sep 17Joys of Autumn
Sep 10Going Gaga
Sep 3Why We Wear Shoes
Aug 27Rodents Redux
Aug 20Rodents Beware!
Aug 13Squirrelly
Aug 6Golf Tips
Jul 30Shark Week — The Chum Master
Jul 23Garage Sale
Jul 16We Love You, Freddie!!!
Jul 9Rebels vs. Contractors
Jul 2Moby Ty
Jun 26Faces of Bono
Jun 18School Daze
Jun 12Eat Your Heart Out, Thad!
Jun 5Thadulous
May 28The Fabulous Thad
May 21Have It Your Way
May 14Iron Fist Marathon
May 7May the Fourth!
Apr 30Picasso Ty
Apr 23Ambushed!
Apr 16Ear-ster Bunny Blues
Apr 9Tough Gig
Apr 2Hip Hip Hippo
Mar 26Family Matters
Mar 19Occam’s Razor
Mar 12March Badness
Mar 5Dad, Guitar Hero
Feb 27Munchies
Feb 24Oscar Week: Hidden Figures
Feb 23Oscar Week: Hacksaw Ridge
Feb 22Oscar Week: Arrival
Feb 21Oscar Week: La La Land
Feb 20Driven to Fears
Feb 12Gaga for Gaga
Feb 6Super Comeback
Jan 29Meat Dreams
Jan 23Sore Loser
Jan 17Here We Go, Steelers, Here We Go!!!
Jan 16Boo Hiss!!! No Comic Today!
Jan 8Baby, It’s Cold Outside
Jan 2New Year’s Resolutions


Dec 25Merry Christmas 2016!!!
Dec 18Season’s Meatings
Dec 11Dino Without Fear
Dec 4Live Wire
Nov 27Ancestry DNA Revealed!
Nov 21Post Election Apocalypse?
Nov 13Conference Call Blues
Nov 6Election Issues
Oct 30Tyranno Legosi
Oct 24Pumpkin Eaters
Oct 16Weekend Warriors
Oct 9New York, New York
Oct 2Art Critic Pt. 3
Sep 25Art Critic Pt. 2
Sep 18Art Critic
Sep 11Back to School
Sep 5Well Deserved Reputation
Aug 28Let The Games Begin!
Aug 21Blame It On Rio
Aug 14Olympic Spirit
Aug 7Olympic Dreams
Aug 1Chipmunk Trouble
Jul 25Dino, Dino, Burning Bright
Jul 17Pokémon No!
Jul 10Billy Idol
Jul 1Shark Week
Jun 26Innocent Bystander
Jun 20Pride of the Dinos
Jun 12Righteous Indigation
Jun 6Flower Child
May 29Dinos, Start Your Engines!
May 23Drive For Show
May 15Let’s Go Raptors!
May 9Frontier Justice
May 1Cretaceous Pastime
Apr 25Zoo Rex
Apr 17Snout Issues
Apr 10Lickety…And More Lickety
Apr 3Working From Home
Mar 27Bat-Rex vs. Superguy
Mar 20Easter Tyranno
Mar 14March Madness
Mar 6You Bet Your Crass
Feb 29Oscar Night Hangover
Feb 26And The Winner Is…
Feb 25The Revenant
Feb 24Mad Max Fury Road
Feb 23Bridge of Spies
Feb 21Straight Outta Compton
Feb 14Appetite for Destruction
Feb 9Super Sneaky
Feb 8Super Bowl Hangover
Jan 31Change of Plans
Jan 24Super Bowl Priorities
Jan 17Smoking Gun
Jan 10Easily Distracted
Jan 3Winter Games


Dec 25Merry Christmas!
Dec 21Santa’s Coming!
Dec 13Season’s Greetings, Paleontologists!
Dec 7Podium Challenged
Nov 30Freedom Of Expression
Nov 22Stick The Landing
Nov 15Frankly My Deer…
Nov 8Leaf It To Ty
Nov 1Raking It In
Oct 25Jurassic Accounting
Oct 19How Sharper Than A Serpent’s….
Oct 12The Martian
Oct 5Panda-Shmanda
Sep 28Green with Jealousy
Sep 20Sticks and Stones
Sep 13Patriot Games
Sep 6AC/DC Hard Rock Ty
Sep 2Schnitzel’d
Aug 30Inexplicably Delayed!
Aug 24Unscheduled Stop
Aug 17Goodbye, Sue!
Aug 10Bean There, Done That
Aug 3Sue Doesn’t Get Out Much
Jul 27Deep Dish Rex
Jul 19Ty in the Windy City Part 1
Jul 13Problem Stewing
Jul 6Cinema Afficionado
Jun 28Carnosaur Generated Imagery
Jun 21Skewered
Jun 15It’s U2, not T-Rex
Jun 12Jurassic Bark
Jun 10Raptor Trainer Wanted
Jun 8Jurassic Splooosh
Jun 1Theory and Practice
May 25Rage Against The Machine
May 18No Such Thing As Free Lunch
May 11Avengers Assemble!
May 2Bite of the Century
Apr 30“Tail” of the Tape
Apr 27The Park Is Open
Apr 19Childhood Revisited
Apr 12Masters Champion!
Apr 5Ty’s Easter Surprise
Mar 30Don’t Mess With Mother Nature
Mar 23Fine Dining
Mar 16You Snooze, You Lose!
Mar 9Cretaceous Apprentice
Mar 2Definitely Not “A Man From Nantucket”!
Feb 20Selma
Feb 19Interstellar
Feb 18Foxcatcher
Feb 17American Sniper
Feb 14The Grand Budapest Hotel
Feb 11WFZY Sports Radio!
Feb 8Superbowl Mystery Solved!
Feb 3Not All Mattresses Are Created Equal
Jan 18Cleanliness Is Next To Rex-i-ness
Jan 5New Year’s Paleo Eve


Dec 28Ferocious Navidad
Dec 26Jurassic Christmas
Dec 23Beware Elfasaurus Rex!
Dec 22Circle of Life
Nov 14The Beets Go On
Nov 12Everyone Is A Critic…
Oct 20Prone To Wandering
Oct 13You Can Dress Them Up…
Oct 4Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?
Sep 29We Go Through More Alarm Clocks…
Sep 24Beware of Mom Bearing Gifts
Sep 2Stomping in the Rain
Aug 27Dad, Dinosaur Hunter!
Aug 23Clear and Present Danger
Aug 23Cleanliness Is Next To Dino-ness
Aug 16Trapper Ty
Aug 11Home Invaders
Jul 13How Big Are YOUR Olfactory Bulbs?
Jul 1Chipmunks: The Speedy Menace
Jun 12The Spirit Is Willing…
Jun 1Good Thing Their Teeth Grow Constantly
Jun 1Snack Time
May 25Do You Really Think Tyrannosaurs Drink Coffee?
May 24Nose for Meat
May 12Keep Your Snout on a Swivel
May 10Where’s The Beef?
May 8Cinco de Ty-oh
May 4Welcome, Ty!